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Mom Freya taking a well-earned break.


Kitten deposits are a major bone of contention amongst certain potential kitten buyers. Thankfully the majority of our clients are happy to oblige in this matter. Breeders over the years have learned the hard way regarding the necessity of implementing this practice.

The reasons for requesting kitten deposits are twofold, namely

  1. To cover the costs of microchipping, neutering, registration, feeding, and unscheduled visits to the vet. At times, these various costs could exceed the total asking price of the kitten.  The concept is similar to a contractor asking for a deposit in order to buy materials and then receiving the balance on completion of work.
  2. The second reason is to ensure that the potential buyer is serious about purchasing a kitten, and not merely acting on a win.  This also gives peace of mind to the buyer, knowing that they are guaranteed a kitten, especially if there is a high demand for kittens and the availability is low. This also protects the breeder from buyers who change their minds at the last minute, leaving the breeder with a kitten that could have gone to somebody else, who has since obtained a kitten from another breeder. The deposit is non-refundable and sufficiently high enough to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly.