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This is a very active and sociable breed. Burmese are playful from kitten hood through adulthood. It’s not uncommon to see a Burmese playing fetch with a favourite toy, albeit at two o’clock in the morning! They follow their people around in a dog like manner and love to perch on shoulders, parrot style.

Burmese are very loving and devoted cats they love nothing more than to curl up on their favourite lap or cuddle under the duvet.
Burmese cats are deceivingly heavy with soft silky fur which does not require too much maintenance. They shed with the change of season and a brush once or twice a week will suffice. Coats should always be shiny and eyes always bright.

Burmese are a highly trainable breed and with lots of patience and perseverance can be taught a few tricks, although it is my belief that the cat is
actually training the Human and not the other way around!
Life is always better with two Burmese cats they thrive when they have a partner in crime, especially if they are left alone for hours while the humans go
to work.

Burmese get along very well with dogs in fact Burmese cats love their canine counterparts and will often cuddle up with them. Having said that it is imperative to raise the cat and dog together as kitten and puppy or get your Burmese kitten first let it establish itself as the boss in the household and then introduce the puppy a few months later. Burmese cats and children if properly introduced can be best friends, train the child first to respect the kitten – no squeezing, tail pulling or ear tugging……
Children under the age of seven should never be left alone with any young animal as they do not have the self-control needed to play and not hurt the animal.

Burmese cats should be kept as indoor cats, they are super friendly and will rush up to strangers to say hello. They do not have any street smarts either and running into the road will end in tragedy…
Another reason for keeping kitty indoors only is disease Feline Leukaemia and Feline Aids (Felv and FIV) are transmittable through body fluids one bite from an infected cat could lead to
disaster. Both of these diseases are incurable.

We highly recommend building a safe enclosed Catio for your cat to safely go outside and enjoy the grass and fresh air. Put the enclosure around a window for kitty to come and go. Catio’s are fabulous and can have lovely gardens toys and climbing frames.

Paradyme Burmese Cattery breeds the following Burmese Cats:


The beautiful Bengal is a fabulous and very active cat, that needs lots of toys,scratching posts, and tree  branches to keep them exercised and entertained. All Paradyme Bengals share the same personality traits, such as friendliness, mischievousness, and curiosity. They are very loyal and loving and will happily ambush their owners and then cuddle up and sleep on the bed.

One Bengal on its own could prove difficult to keep entertained, which is precisely why we recommend taking two, so that they can keep each other company when the owners are not there. If that is not feasible, then a home with a resident cat would be preferable to leaving them alone all day.

Our little leopards come in the following colours and patterns:

Brown Spotted
Brown Marbled
Snow Spotted (with blue eyes)
Snow Marbled (with blue eyes)
Silver Spotted

All are equally as stunning with beautiful natures to match.

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Bengal & Burmese Kittens Currently Available

These are some of the adorable Bengal kittens and Burmese kittens available for adoption.